Asociatii is a small team that encourages you to bring your personality and individuality with you to the workplace.


Unlike the traditional law firm success in the firm is not driven by the long hours you spend at the work place, but by the quality of work you produce. The method of fixed price billing promotes this philosophy by naturally emphasising work completed rather than the time billed.

Asociatii offers truly flexible working arrangements that allow you to pursue your interests outside as well as inside the law.

It is a sad fact that the legal profession suffers from a significantly higher level of mental illness than the general population. One of the reasons for this scourge is the lack of balance in lawyers lives caused by unrealistic demands in traditional law firms to bill 7.5 hours plus to clients per day. From years of experience in legal practice we recognise that you (along with the firm and clients) benefit from being a calm, healthy and well-rounded individual. We prefer you to bring a wealth of life experiences to the practice rather than slaving over a desk to record your 7.5 hours a day.

Additionally, Asociatii ensures that you will be given full access to senior solicitors who can give you the training and attention you need.
We encourage anyone who also has an interest in working for Asociatii, including as potential partners in the business, to contact us about any possible positions.