The name Asociatii references both the Romanian word for ‘associates’ and also the Latin word for ‘partner’, ‘sharer’ and ‘associate’.

The concept behind Asociatii stems from the owner’s interest in building a less rigid and conservative law firm without traditional power structures.

The traditional law firm tends to have a very hierarchical structure and the word associates implies the opposite, that the people in the firm are all in it together as equals.

The reference to the Romanian language in the name Asociatii is a nod of respect to owner Emma Griffiths’ late Grandfather. Emma’s Grandfather came to Australia from Romania following the second world war. He always wanted to study law but was prevented from doing so by his economic circumstances and the problems of the ‘old world’. Instead he pushed his family, including the women, to seek independence and excel in education in Australia and laid the groundwork for the generations to come.