Property Settlements

Where a client is a buyer or seller in a standard settlement Asociatii will offer a fixed price for the following services:

  • Review the contract;
  • Search the certificate of title to ensure proper ownership and notify you of any encumbrances registered on the Certificate of Title;
  • Undertake all due diligence affecting the property, and advise all relevant departments and agencies to record you as the new owner of the property;
  • Check compliance with all special conditions;
  • Preparer and arrange for you to sign the Transfer of Land document;
  • Attend to stamping of the Contract and Transfer of Land document by in house Revenue online stamping;
  • Liaise with your proposed lenders and financiers, or existing mortgagees and financiers;
  •  Liaise with the holder of a second or subsequent registered mortgage or caveat holder to attend settlement and register or discharge its security;
  • Calculate the adjustments of rates and taxes and Strata Levies
  • Prepare settlement statements;
  • Properly account for all monies expended or held in trust the account; 
  • Book and attend settlement on your behalf;
  • Prepare a Notice under Clause 4 of the General Conditions relating to delay in settlement (penalty interest);
  • Issue a default notice;
  • Conduct a search on the Title immediately prior to settlement and also provide you with Landgate evidence showing you as the registered proprietor after settlement;
  • Standard Postage within Australia, Telephone & Photocopies (disbursements);
  • Pay the Real Estate Agent’s selling and/or marketing fee on your behalf; and
  • Pay all monies due to you in accordance with your instructions.

The advantage of having a lawyer deal with property settlements is that if any issues arise with an offer and acceptance, a lawyer can deal with such issues immediately hence saving the client time and money.

The fees payable for the above fixed price settlement services will be provided to you in writing separately upon your request. Please contact us for a free quote